Welcome to the 4th International Conference on Invasive Spartina

Cordgrasses (Spartina, Poaceae) are perennial plants playing an important role in salt marsh sediment dynamics where they are considered as "ecosystem engineers". Multiple cases of species introduction outside their native range had important evolutionary and ecological consequences on several continents (hybridization with native species, speciation, biological invasion, shifts in species interaction…). Due to the rapid expansion of some Spartina species, their adaptative potential, their tolerance to various pollutants and their high biomass, they have been used in wetland restoration programs, shoreline stabilization, in phytoremediation and are also considered as a potential bio-energy source for biofuel production. However, the use of Spartina was not always beneficial when some of the introduced species became invasive in various regions, requiring their recurrent mechanical or chemical eradications. These different actions have mobilized large budgets and staff worldwide.
Beyond the Spartina biological system, this genus is an excellent model to address more general issues related to speciation, adaptation, invasion, stress tolerance (e.g. anoxia, salinity, pollution), biodiversity management, …
After three International Conferences in the United States (Seattle, WA 1990; Olympia WA 1997; San Francisco CA 2004), this Conference crosses the ocean (like did several Spartina species) to be held for the first time in Europe. By bringing together international experts from complementary areas, this 4th International Conference on Invasive Spartina aims at promoting knowledge exchanges and discussion on the developments accomplished during the last decade in both fundamental biology (evolutionary history of the genus, impacts on ecosystems, evolution of the communities impacted by the invasions) and applied research (management and control of the invasive populations). The contribution of the recent technological developments and advanced genomic approaches to the understanding and use of Spartina will be most particularly explored.
We look forward to seeing you in Brittany!

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